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WA4FC/B Beacon information

We operate seven propagation beacons using the WA4FC/B callsign on 28.231, 50.078, 144.280, 222.060, 432.300, 903.280 and 1292.280 MHz to assist us and other amateurs with the study of propagation on the ten and six meter amateur bands.  If you have heard us, send a beacon reception report at this link.  

Here are links that can help you learn more about our stations:

We always appreciate your reports, posts to the DX cluster and QSL cards for reception reports as we contribute to the study of propagation on these two great bands.  The current suite of beacons were designed and built by N4MW.  Thanks go to many people who have contributed to our beacon projects over the years including W4GNE, KG4SNN, WB4KXS, KG4YJB and KI4BWJ.

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  1. avatar WA4HVT says:

    Hearing 28.231 beacon at about S1 or 539 with QSB at 11:30 EST; weak but it is being heard. Antenna is a W5GI inverted vee.

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