1.25m / 33cm beacon is on the air!

Two new WA4FC beacons began transmitting on June 21, 2017. These beacons fill the VHF/UHF gaps and now all seven bands from 10 meters to 23 centimeters are represented in the vicinity of Richmond, VA.

The new 222.060 MHz beacon runs 25 watts to an M2 loop at 50 feet. The new 903.280 MHz beacon runs 25 watts to a temporary yagi at 80 feet, which will be replaced with a horizontal omni antenna later.

The new beacons are collocated with the existing 1296.280 MHz system in FM07wu, western Goochland County, about 30 miles west of the Richmond area. This system is designed to be expanded to include the 13 centimeter band with the addition of an amplifier and antenna.

The new hardware consists of a dual PTS-620 synthesizer which shares the oven reference frequency source from the 1296 system. One output from the PTS feeds a surplus amplifier to produce 25 watts of CW. The other PTS output feeds a doubler circuit and a Downeast Microwave power amplifier, which also produces 25 watts.

A control receiver in the 430 MHz band allows remote shutdown of needed. An Arduino processor is imbedded onto the control receiver to provide the control function and to produce the Morse message which keys the new beacons.

Pictures are located here.