WA4FC/R on 224.52 MHz

photo 1The 224.52 / 222.92 MHz repeater is on the air with a PL tone of 74.4 hz.  The repeater is currently using the following hardware:

  • Motorola CDM1550LS+ 220 mHz for receiver
  • Motorola CDM1550LS+ 220 MHz for tx/exciter
  • Henry 100w amplifier
  • Celwave duplexer
  • Arcom RC-210 repeater controller
  • Hustler G7-220 antenna at 490 feet
  • 50 foot of 7/8 inch Andrews Hardline
  • Motorola GTX for link to WA4FC 927.050 MHz repeater

IMG_0742The repeater is located at our downtown Richmond, Virginia site where it is co-located with our 927.050 MHz system and our 1282.000 MHz system.  The three repeater systems are able to be linked to each other and generally will be tied together.

The system has been on the air since January 2011 and moved from Prince George to Richmond in July 2014.

We are proud to operate one of the few active 220 MHz systems in the state!

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  1. avatar Ed says:

    I see that you are using Mototola CDM 1550LS+ radios. Were you able to get the tuner software to recognise the wideband softpots? I have 4 of these radios. 2 of them are going to be used for a repeater. Mine have the wideband softpots enabled. Once I get my repeater up and on the air, maybe we could link them using echolink.
    Email me if you would like more info

    • avatar Jay says:

      Ed – thanks for the message. Tuner doesn’t recognize the wideband soft pots with the setup that we have. I just left the 12.5 khz setting in the personality, then adjusted transmitter -> modulation balance so that it is 25 khz wide despite what the setting says in CPS. Hope that makes sense! Yes would like to hear more about your project. 73.

    • avatar wb9vle says:

      Hi Ed,

      I’m very interested on how you activated the Wide Band?

      I’m looking and have everything but the radios to program to the 220 ham band.
      I have been holding off because of the 12.5 kc problem. was there a different model?
      Please contact me direct @wb9vle at msn.com if would like.



  2. avatar wb9vle says:

    Did you get any information from ED ref the Wide Band operation on the CDM-1550 220 radio?


    • avatar Jay says:

      Randy – I have not heard further from Ed….But making adjustments to tx dev balance in tuner works just fine. The radio does not have 25 khz settings in tuner, so you have to leave the personality set to 12.5 khz (with the codeplug I am using). If you have more to share, please do. But we have this stuff squared away to our satisfaction here.

      • avatar wb9vle says:

        Thanks Jay,
        He said “Mine have the wideband softpots enabled” I was just interested how it was done? Since the CDM’s on other bands, have the 25 and 12.5, I thought there may be a trick in the convertion process.
        Do you have any clipping or chopping when a “Loud talker” uses your repeater?
        I see you are running a Amp on your repeater, what power level output do you have the exciter set at? any heat problems?

        Do you have an Email address for Ed?

        I have the 6 meter 750 radio working, took some adjustments to get the transmit devition to where it needed to be.

        Thanks for your help!

        Randy WB9VLE

  3. avatar Jay says:

    Randy, for some reason, Ed is no longer registered on the site.

    Obviously, he crammed in different codeplug that what I have. My codeplug will do 25 khz, but there are no settings in tuner to adjust it, so it just hangs the squelch wide open all the time.

    Power out of the rig is about 8 watts, drives the amp to about 80, no problems with heat on either. Fans run on the exciter and amp. Had a heck of a time with Henry amp spontaneously oscillating at first…Replaced with another one.

    Loud stations (aka those with cheap radios that over deviate) sometimes do clip out of the repeater RX. I’ve adjusted many radios back to 4-5 khz. Some portables that people were using were almost 8 khz wide!!

    • avatar wb9vle says:

      Ok Jay, Thaks for the info.
      If I come with a fix on the 25Kc. Wide Band, I will let you know.

      I’ve been reading some of the 220 radios do over deviate, I thought there may some problems. But I would also think a wide band radio would chop at 8 Khz!



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