WA4FC/B 1296.280 MHz beacon station

WA4FC/B 1296.280 MHz went on the air from FM07WU, western Goochland County, VA in October 2016.  It runs 25 watts to an Alford slot (horizontal omnidirectional) at 80 feet.  Feedline loss <2 dB.  The transmitter is a PTS 3200 synthesizer which feeds a DEMI PA2330 amplifier with an Arduino keyer.  This beacon will eventually be part of another dual band system that will include 2304 MHz.  This is another in the series of beacons designed by N4MW.

Reports in October 2016 include N4MW (58 miles), N4HB, K4RKO, WB4FAX and KG4HOT.

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