Buddistick tuning settings

The following info was sent to me by Budd, W3FF to assist in tuning the buddistick vertical portable antenna. They are posted here for anyone who may need information on tuning the antenna properly.

Here are some Buddistick settings for the standard setup: Buddistick mounting plate, two 11″ dipole arms up vertically, a coil, and a 5.5 foot whip, fully extended. The feed point is at chest height for these measurements, and the single radial is attached to the mounting plate and then sloped down to about two feet above the ground on shrubbery or on non-conducting electric fenceposts.

The only radial length this antenna ‘sees’ is the wire from the mounting plate to where you wind it off and on the kite linewinder.

BAND # of turns from the WHIP end of the coil Radial length

10 Meters 1 7.5 feet

12 Meters 3 7.5 feet

15 Meters 5 10 feet

17 Meters 8 10 feet 6 inches

20 Meters 13 13 feet 2 inches

30 Meters 18 28 feet

40 Meters 40 31 feet

These settings will vary from location to location, depending the the ground conditions under your operating position. Take pains to keep the vertical element away from metal objects and out and in the clear if at all possible.

Email me if your settings differ dramatically from these. They are suggested settings that have worked for me over the years.

Budd W3FF

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